Mystery of Iniquity

Kenneth Austin

Morehouse College
22 years of age

"Im the man your mother always wanted you to marry !"


Waiting for someone to try us…..nikkuh.

"Dont tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon" (at ROOFTOP IN TRENTON)

[#Cheezus] Pig Papa and his boys. @isnthehandsome is just too cool. #Iwasprobablyhigh #ohwell #littlesistergraduated #teamlightskin #butthesunmightchangethat (at Trenton War Memorial)

#Truthinthepudding repost via @kingsmurfchains

when I first met you, i wanted to give you head on the spot. :(

A question by Anonymous

oh really? what happened?

Months ago…somewhere in AC…this happened.